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Until the Next Time - Kevin Fox I really wanted to love this book and liked the reincarnation idea as I really enjoyed that angle in books like Ferney, by James Long. The Irish setting was interesting and I found I got a bit of an insider's view on Ireland. However, I found that I didn't connect well with the characters and didn't care what happened to them and ended up skimming the final third of the book.

The theories on reincarnation and how organized religion carried hints to the truth of reincarnation was thought provoking, and left me pondering some ideas that will stick with me for a while. On the other hand, I felt like the reincarnation bits began to seem a bit like a long winded lecture and were a little heavy handed.

I think this could have been a much better book if the author would have gone further back in Ireland's history to explain the original source of the "troubles" and made the other parts shorter and less repetitious.