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Darling Jim - Christian Moerk I received the book as an advanced reader copy through Library Thing and had requested it because it looked like something I would enjoy.

The book begins when it is discovered that a woman has been murdered in her home in the town of Malahide, but the mystery thickens as her two emaciated nieces are found upstairs. Later a bored postal clerk finds the diary of one of the girls in the dead letter box and sets out by himself to solve the mystery of the girl’s death and trace the footsteps of Jim, a storyteller.
I found that I could not put this book down, in spite of the gruesome nature of some of it. The whole book read like a fairy tale. I found that some of it was unbelievable, but because it felt like it had this whole fairy tale thing going on , I was able to suspend my disbelief.

The characters are all compelling and three dimensional, even though they could be read as stereotypical it didn’t bother me. The only thing that really bugged me is that I was not sure how to pronounce some of the words and names, especially Aiofe, one of the sisters in the book. Hopefully, the publishers will include a pronunciation guide in the final version of the book.
I would recommend this book highly to anyone who likes good, old fashioned storytelling with fairy tale aspects.